Sacha (2008-2024)

On Tuesday, February 13th, 2024, our beloved dog Sacha had passed away.

To most visiting this blog, Sacha was the dog that would appear in virtually all the openings of this video. Her face adorned many of the banners and headers across my various web presences. But Sacha was more than that. She was a beloved dog and a loving friend whose warmth and energy always brought a smile and happiness to our lives. We shared many great years together and we will cherish those fourteen years that Sacha has been a part of our lives. And we will miss her greatly.

This page is a tribute to Sacha. The above video is a tribute video that I made in March, but on this page, you will find links to other pages containing stories, videos, and pictures of Sacha throughout her life. Sacha has been a big part of this blog's presence and it's only fitting that this would be a place where her memory lives on.

As time passes, I will post links to some select posts. There will also be a link to a checklist.

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