Introductory Greetings

Greetings, folks.

Welcome to DTM Rambles, my new rambling zone that I've started back in September 2009 and is essentially a continuation of nine years worth of various web presences. Chances are you might have stumbled across this place by accident. There's even a small possibility that you might actually have chosen to come here for some reason or another. In any case, I give you equal greetings and welcomes.

So let me start by getting some misconceptions cleared up to anyone who would venture onto this site the first time because it does bare mentioning.

DTM Rambles is not a wrestling blog. Despite the abhorrently-massive number of posts dedicated to wrestling stuff, it's still a rather small chunk in the archive of countless thousands of posts in written, video or audio form.

Likewise, DTM Rambles is not a gaming blog, despite the massive number of posts dedicated to a hobby that I've enjoyed for close to three decades now. The same can be said for the accompany YouTube and Dailymotion pages, despite whatever arbitrary label has been imposed by those services.

In the simplest of words, DTM Rambles is a place where I would post stuff that comes to mind, whether it'd be in the form of written posts such as commentaries or other things or in the form of video uploads covering some stuff here and there. There's no clear focus or anything of the sort... and while there is a tendency to gravitate towards certain hobbies and interests more often than not, this isn't something that can be categorized as a "gaming blog" or "wrestling blog" or whatever. This is just my own personal web space where I spew whatever comes to mind in some form or fashion.

In 2012, I've acquired the domain, which dates back to my Internet handle going back to the infancies of the 21st century. Other accounts where said handle was taken would go under the name of crisisded, which is based off an inside joke that eventually became the handle for my first Hotmail account. (Anyone who knows what Hotmail is probably older than shit, so look it up, kids.)

So that's about all I can muster for the moment. I'd like to thank you for visiting this blog and hope you'll come back for more.


The Schedule

Beginning on July 31, 2016, I made a commitment to try and provide the few readers of this site consistent daily posts, whether they'd be written posts, video posts, or even audio posts. While the content remains random and up to personal preference or whatever is ready at the time, the following schedule has been devised to determine what sort of content you can expect going forward.

Mondays - Written Post. Random content.

Tuesdays - YouTube video. Random content.

Wednesdays - Written Post. Random content.

Thursdays - Dailymotion video. Random content.

Fridays - YouTube video. Random content.

Saturdays - Written Posts. Possibly a recommendation or other weekly thing.

Sundays - Wild Card Post. Anything goes.

The above schedule represents the BARE MINIMUM of content you can expect going forward each day. There may be cases where I would deviate from the schedule and give you something extra on either the video front or written front. Something to note especially.