Friday, March 1, 2024

State Of The Blog - March 2024

Hello, folks.

Appreciate the kind words regarding Sacha and I also appreciate your patience while I (eventually) get through the grieving process. While I'm still not quite out of the woods in that regard, I can at least move forward and dedicate this stuff in her memory. I'm hoping to finish up the tribute video and post it some time this weekend. And every once in a while going forward, I'll post a little piece of Sacha to remember the good times - whether it'd be unseen videos or the occasional photos with some stories to share. This is my way of paying tribute to a dear friend who has always been there when I needed her most. And hopefully, wherever she is, she found some peace... or at least, a good fluffy cloud to hump.

In any event, it'll be business as usual with videos starting next Monday, with reviews resuming and continuing where we left off. Obviously, I'm winging it at this point... whatever comes up comes up, but I do have some stuff planned going forward that I'm hoping will get off the ground. Things are going to go slowly for the next month or so, but I'm hoping that things will eventually pick up by then. There's a lot of stuff in the back burner that I want to give that final polish and hopefully, we'll get there sooner than later.

As far as the Ramblemania Rewinds are concerned? I'll be posting five entries every Tuesday and Thursday for the next couple weeks until we hit 30, at which point it'll switch to a week-daily Monday To Friday one-per-day upload that will eventually lead us to Wrestlemania 40. As to when that will get a fresh new Ramblemania posting? Well, that depends on the show, I suppose.

Obviously, there was no DTM-Cast last month, but there will be a new one next week and another at the end of the month. Next week's episode will touch on a whole bunch of things and could very clock in at two hours, while the end of the month episode will be a shorter Q&A episode. I'm also considering revising the end game for the program by adding a few more episodes to the run. That way, we can end the show in December and that will indeed mean that the Winners And Losers Of 2024 will be covered on the final episode of the show, which I plan on making extra special.

It's been a bit of a trying period, no doubt, but we eventually gotta move forward. I appreciate your patience and support during this time and I hope to get back to doing some fun stuff here soon.


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