Sunday, March 31, 2024

State Of The Blog - April 2024

Normally, I'd be posting this on the first day of the month (or at least some time after it)... but tomorrow's April 1st and you know what that usually means...

In other news, we've got one more week of Ramblemanias and then a final word on McMahon on the Saturday of Wrestlemania weekend. One week later, there's going to be a DTM-Cast covering Mania and then a day or so later will be when the 40th Ramblemania post will be up. PPV Musings should start soon afterwards, beginning with the first TNA PPV of the year, Hard To Kill, and followed by what may very well be the absolute worst wrestling show I've seen in decades. How's that for a tease?
Video uploads will resume on Friday, April 5th with the AEW game review (yes, review the AEW during WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND). Review A Great Game Week involves five days of reviewing Street Fighter II and then after that... eh.

In a bit of blog maintenance news, I've relinked some of the Ramblemania posts on the PPV Musings page to direct folks to the newer Ramblemania Rewind posts. The old Ramblemania posts that originally originated on the old DTM Blog have been deleted. This is the start of a slow process to start culling old material from the blog and move it onto an archive site elsewhere. To make a long story short, this is being done for the sake of a potential change in the future that I don't want to get into just yet, but know that this stuff will eventually be seen again. It just won't be here.

How mysterious...

Anyhoo... that's it for now. Later.

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