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Ramblemania Rewind 24 - WWE Wrestlemania 24 (2008)

March 30, 2008
Camping World Stadium - Orlando, FL
Attendance: 74,635

Apparently, this is the biggest Wrestlemania under the sun... I'm sure that'll be the case until Mania hits Saudi Arabia and then we can call THAT... never mind.

Anyway, Wrestlemania 24... a show that I don't recall all that much other than it was where Ric Flair had his last match... in WWE... and quite frankly, in hindsight, we kinda wished that it was his last match if his post-WWE career was anything to go by. Besides that, however... yeah, this was one of those shows where I was completely blanking out and I could at least recall something in the main event scene, but not this time...

But enough about that. How was the actual show?


JBL defeated Finlay in a Belfast Brawl match... basically a street fight between two brutes, but not quite as brutal or as violent as it could've been, given the more family-friendly vibe that WWE was vying for at the time.

CM Punk won the Money In The Bank ladder match... the annual spotfest match also featuring John Morrison, MVP, Chris Jericho, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, and... oh yeah, Mr. Kennedy is still there, isn't he? I'd figured he'd be in TNA by this point... but yeah, it's the usual Money In The Bank spotfest you've seen forever, except it's won by CM Punk, so that's something... Oh yeah, Punk would cash in on Edge and win the Big Gold Belt... only to lose it via backstage skit because... reasons?

In a brand supremacy match, Smackdown! representative Batista defeated RAW representative Umaga in a slow, dull, plodding match... I guess losing the Big Gold to Undertaker last year did more damage than we thought... but yeah, this was a pointless match that served no point and was entirely pointless.

Speaking of pointless, Kane defeated ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero to win the title in what can be charitably described as "a very short match..." Why is this even on the card? Why are you wasting my time with shit like this? I realize that the ECW title is basically a joke title at this point considering nobody gives two shits about ECW, but you couldn't have booked this shit on the pre-show or something?

Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair in a fine little match. As a result, Flair would retire... or just be tired. In hindsight, he probably should have retired, but then he went to TNA... and then he had his "last" match in 2022 or whenever it was... at this point, dumping Ric Flair in a vat of acid with nothing but boxer briefs on would be a more fitting final match.

Beth Phoenix and Melina defeated Maria Kanellis and Ashley Massaro in a Playboy Bunny Lumberjack Match... and then Snoop Dogg attacks Santino Marella for some reason. This was a thing that happened and I am more than happy to leave it at that.

WWE Champion Randy Orton defeated John Cena and Triple H in a Triple Threat Match to retain the title. This match is essentially replaying that superb Cena/HHH match from Mania 22 with occasion bits of Randy cutting in and sucking all the fun out at times. It's not a bad match per se; there's some good moments in there, but I would've been happier with a straight one-on-one match... even if it would've been Randy Orton vs. John Cena Match #173,752,826 in a series of 821,826,714,142 and counting.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather defeated Big Show with the assist of his entourage, a chair, brass knuckles, and incoherent booking that probably made sense to one guy and one guy alone. Yeah, so I understand the background behind this match, Mayweather was supposed to be the celebrity babyface, but he got booed harder than John Cena (though not quite Roman Reigns levels) and so yes, FUCKING BIG SHOW becomes your fucking face in peril for this match. I won't call this match good, but I did laugh my ass off with this one, so fuck it. I'll give it a thumbs up because I was entertained by this absolute absurdity of a match. Kudos.

Undertaker defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge via submission to win the title. Slow start before we break out the spam finish/reversal formula and eventually ending with Taker doing his GooglePlata MMA submission thing to finish the Rated-R Superstar off for good and win another Gold Belt. For what it's worth, a perfectly fine match. No complaints.

And that was Wrestlemania 24. Kind of an underwhelming show, if I'm being honest. I feel like this is a show that probably would've been better when it happened in the moment, but watching it years after the fact, the case could be made for this being the least Wrestlemania-worthy of the bunch. The Flair retirement match would've been a big moment had he stuck with the retirement, but the rest of the show could've easily been booked as one of those B-level PPVs shows like a Backlash or whatever else they had going on... and even then, it's not a particularly good one.

So, yeah... this isn't bottom of the barrel stuff, but not quite memorable or worthwhile, either.

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