Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Quick Reshuffles And A Brief Break

So videos are once again going to be reshuffled this week.

Unfortunately, a family emergency came up (all is well, thankfully) and needed some attention. Not only that, but I had specific games intended for review that ended up... not working out, so I needed to come up with something else. Therefore, expect a video or two this weekend. And then there'll be a brief pause of uploads until April 5th so I can catch up on some stuff. Though if I can bang out a couple quick Sacha home movies in the interim, I'll probably get that out there. (I need to do more of these anyway.)

There's actually more in the works than I'm letting and I might leak a few of those ideas on this weekend's DTM-Cast - which is the Q&A episode - but needless to say that I'm working on more than getting some current content onto this space.

Things are a bit of a mess around here - try and act surprised - but hopefully, things will be up and about soon.

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