Friday, February 9, 2024

Something Different For A Change... A Look Into Cobra Kai's Final Season


Apparently, they're only getting around to film Cobra Kai's final season now and we still have no word on when it's going to hit... so no news, then.

I've been rewatching Cobra Kai this past week before cancelling my Netflix subscription and honestly, it's a good show. I missed out on the whole Karate Kid thing as a younger kid, but the show got me interested in those movies that I bought a DVD set with said movies, which I thought were alright. I found myself enjoying Part 2 more so than the other two, and Part 3, despite being a total retread of Part 1, had its moments. I even watched the 2010 "remake" with Jackie Chan... and that one is something, I guess.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the show wraps up when it finally drops. And I'm especially curious about this new Karate Kid movie that's going to combine the two movies together. I'd imagine it won't be a total dumpster fire, but who knows for sure?

But I'm sure that we can blame DWAYNE if things go tits up.

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