Thursday, February 15, 2024

Going Forward... And Failing Miserably

First off, I want to say thank you for all the kind words on Tuesday's post on the Youtube channel's community post as well as some of the e-mail messages that I've received. They're all greatly appreciated and for what it's worth, I've read each and every one of them to Sacha before she had gone. Poor thing could barely see, but she heard every word said. And she went out knowing that people cared about her. Not just the immediate family and friends, but complete strangers who only knew her from the first five seconds that open almost every video I've posted in the past decade or so.

Every day is a struggle for the rest of us. Every day that passes without her is a burden... but knowing she's in a better place - probably pissing on the pearly gates or humping a couple clouds along the way - brings a slight smile on my face... before it dissolves into tears once more. Every passing thought of the times we shared together brightens my day... before every passing moment under the realization that those days are long gone... and so is she.

I miss her very much... in ways that can never be properly put to words.

So what happens now? Well, obviously, I'm going to be laying low for a little bit... I'm not exactly in the mood to be doing much of anything at the moment. I have been gathering up whatever videos and photos that I've collected on Sacha over the years and am planning on putting together a little tribute video of sorts to celebrate her life. Folks who frequent this blog or the Youtube channel know her as sort of a mascot for my little corner of the web and she will continue to have a presence around these parts. But I want to share with folks the kind of friend that Sacha truly is and what she really means to those who loved and cared for her.

Sacha might have gone elsewhere, but she will always be around.

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