Thursday, February 1, 2024

AEW Dynamite (Jan. 31st, 2024): Undisputed Boredom

This is going to be short because I've got very little to say about this show. Not even gonna bother with a banner.

Jon Moxley beat Jeff Hardy in the opening match... I'd want to say that this is a big deal, but when was the last time Jeff Hardy was used in any meaningful way? I do like that Mox went for a handshake after the match and Jeff flipped him off... I laughed. This followed by Hangman Page getting a win over some guy I've never heard of, but this is supposed to be Swerve Strickland's chosen opponent for Page to continue that feud. The match was okay in a vacuum, but clearly nobody figured Hangman was losing this one.

The Young Bucks - sporting goatees to get away from the creep mustaches - fine an intern for getting their names wrong... I wonder if they're going to extend that to special favors backstage to really push this tired joke further. And speaking of tired jokes, Wardlow almost kills the Kommander with a power bomb that even I could tell looked a bit. I know they signed this big Kommander guy so he could lose a lot, but that doesn't mean kill him outright.

And speaking of killing things... the Undisputed Kingdom of jobbers come out to beat up on poor Kommander until Orange and Friends come along to save the day. By the way, I know it's been a while since I last watched an episode of AEW, but weren't these Kingdom guys doing comedy bits the last time I saw them on TV or something? And now I'm supposed to buy them as the next big super heel group? Seriously, guys?

Chris Jericho, fresh off the Jericruise and looking somewhat "out of it" as a result, defeated some guy. Former TNA wrestler Deonna Purrazzo defeated Taya Valkyrie while Timeless Toni was on commentary talking about titties or something, so clearly that was the thing you're supposed to be paying attention to... I can at least say that for the moment, this gimmick is still somewhat likeable. And then in the main event, Swerve beat RVD in a hardcore match. And then we have a confrontation between Swerve, Hangman, and Joe.

Yeah, so this was playing a less-than-full crowd and it sort of explains while AEW has been playing to less-than-full crowds as of late. Tony probably should've gotten pointers from TNA on how to make a near-empty arena look full because they used to be really good at that. Not the worst show I've seen, but I was bored through most of it, so...

Next week, Tony Khan has a big announcement.

To quote a great man, "that'll put butts in them seats."

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