Wednesday, February 7, 2024

A Random Thought On This Cody/DWAYNE/Roman Dilemma

So, tomorrow's the Wrestlemania Live Presser, right? They need to find a way to announce that DWAYNE bought his way into a main event with Roman while carjacking Cody's title shot that he won at the Rumble. The whole thing seems to be a bit of a pickle.

So you know what this thing needs?

More Armed Anderson.

Armed Anderson refers to a promo that Arn Anderson cut on Cody a couple years ago on AEW, where he talked about the differences between Arn and Cody in handling a carjacking. Whereas Cody would just step aside and let the carjacking happen, Arn would pull out his Glock, point it at the carjacker's head, and spill his brains all over the concrete... and then this became a meme.

Cody got carjacked by DWAYNE. And now Armed Anderson's gotta fix it.

Mind you, you can replace the Glock with a Tranquilizer Gun if you want to keep it family friendly, but at this press event on Thursday, Arn could come in and shoot all three to put them all out of their misery - just say they all suffered minor flesh wounds and they can be back on TV in a couple weeks. 

Then Damien Priest can come in, cash in his briefcase, and pin the unconscious Roman to become the new Undisputed Universal champion.

That way, DWAYNE and Roman can have their little main event match while Cody can go ahead and finish his little story. And Arn gets more memes.

Obviously something like that isn't going to happen... it's just a stray thought I had... but fuck me, that'd be more interesting and newsworthy than all this white noise going on.

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