Thursday, January 11, 2024

Want More AEW Musings? Get Tony Khan Off Twitter.

So I was going to sit down and watch the latest edition of Dynamite that I have recorded on PVR; the episode was supposed to be really good and I wanted to support new AEW World Champion Samoa Joe on his long-deserved World title run on a major wrestling show. I like to be able to enjoy the Hangman Page/Claudio match, which was a tremendous bit of action. I want to be able to enjoy the Brodie Lee Tribute 8-Man match, which was loads of fun. There's stuff I want to enjoy that I thought were pretty good and I wanted to write about all of that.

But I really don't want to reward bad behavior.

Tony Khan is a madman on Twitter, bitching about people complaining about Hook getting a title shot at Samoa Joe's world title while no one is batting an eye over perennial loser Jinder Mahal getting a World title shot out of the blue. I say madman because from what I've seen, NOBODY is complaining about Hook getting a title shot and a great MAJORITY of people are wondering why a guy who hasn't won a match in over a year is getting a World title opportunity on RAW, even if it is the consolation prize World title held by Seth Rollins. I would very much like to see this part of the world where nobody is hindering Jinder and everyone is shitting on Hook.

TK thinks he's being clever by bitching about something online that the other guys are doing and then he sneaks in a tweet hyping up his big show. The problem with that strategy - and something that is EASILY verifiable by even the most inept social media user - is that the end result is everyone making fun of TK and calling him a fucking tool because he let one bad tweet get to him. He thinks that every bit of social media that doesn't immediately praise him or his booking as what the cool kids call "god tier" is an attack on his very being. Is this his way of fearing for his online life or is this more of those anti-AEW bots that he likes to bring up every so often?

I wanted to give Dynamite another run. I was actually looking forward to it. But then TK had to go and be a fucking Twitter fool and now that's all I'm thinking about. AEW has some issues that need fixing and one of them involves the guy on top. Keep him off Twitter or on a tight leash where he's doing nothing but promoting matches on his shows and I might give this another try. I'm done with backstage drama tainting the wrestling shows I watch. I would very much like to enjoy these shows unhindered.

No pun intended.

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