Thursday, December 28, 2023

AEW Dynamite (Dec. 27th, 2023): The Devil Is This Poop?

Tuned into AEW for the first time in what seems like months and what do I get for my efforts?

- The finals of the Continental Classic is going to be another match between Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston at AEW's New Year's Eve Eve PPV this Saturday, which I'm sure will be a nice bloody affair and those guys will absolutely maim each other for the opportunity of carrying three shiny belts that mean absolutely fuck all. (Seriously, why do we need more belts?)

- With Swerve out of any title picture, we'll finally getting that Swerve vs. Keith Lee match that every one of YOU (not me - I don't care either way) have been clamoring for. Hey, no knock of Swerve; the guy's got a great main event feature if anyone is willing to pull the trigger on him, but him and Keith Lee going at it seemingly years after their deal mattered means nothing at this point. But hey, a payoff long past its due date isn't completely alien to AEW these days.

- This Devil storyline is still going on? Does anybody really give a shit at this point? There were a couple points beforehand where the devil should have been revealed and we're STILL doing this shit?

- By the way, speaking of belts that don't matter, your new ROH tag titles are the masked mystery men that nobody cares about.

I don't want to rail on this show entirely; you had good matches in Mox/Swerve/White and Danielson/Kingston. Statlander/Blue was also pretty good even with the hokey finish and the fact that your TBS title program is the battle of the scary ladies (I'd do a Cornette Face, but that'd be feeding the Cult Of Corntards, so I'll refrain), and Le Sex Gods reuniting so we'd have SOME title match for Starks and Big Bill is a nice, wholesome Boxing Day moment... but fuck me, this Devil shit needs to die in 2023. It's already occupied a spot in the Losers Of 2023 listing and I've only watched ONE show involving this shit.

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