Friday, November 3, 2023

State Of The Blog - November 2023

For anyone who missed last night's incredible October 32nd House show, you missed the important announcement that I had last night, so go check it out around 30 minutes in and decide if it's bigger than Tony Khan's important announcement of tickets going on sale for a show taking place next year. I think I may have delivered the more newsworthy announcement, quite frankly.

I had a bowel movement. There's the announcement. Moving on.

This week's video offerings are going to be relatively slim pickings. Most of the reviews are random stuff and in the can, so I can focus on the big things in December and beyond. The TNA project ends this month and presumably that means I can go back and finish the WWF 2000 PPV musings that I have left on the table.

New DTM-Cast at the end of the month... not much else. Maybe a live stream or two.

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