Monday, November 13, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #21 - What's That Tingling Sensation? (November 13th, 2002)

Hey, did you hear? Bryan Alvarez threw in the towel on NWA-TNA.

Maybe I should have done the same... but fuck me, we're in this for another week... but next week? That's when this ride comes to an end. One more week and this journey will be over. I'm jumping off this bandwagon and moving on to greener pastures.

This show had no chance of convincing me to keep going. No matter how good it got, no matter how much promise it bore, it was never going to sell me on further shows beyond this point. It simply isn't going to happen. I remember some of those shows being really, really bad and quite frankly, I have no desire to revisit those shows any time soon. 

This show has no chance of changing my mind. After next week's show, this experiment comes to an end. There's plenty of other decent TNA shows that I could have been watching with this Impact Plus subscription; why am I wasting it on this crap? Hell, there are some good TNA PPVs being uploaded onto their YouTube channel that I could watch FOR FREE... and yet instead of watching those shows, I'm watching this shitpile. After next week's show, no more.

With that having been said, this week's edition of NWA-TNA isn't terrible. I wouldn't go so far as to call it good, but it wasn't completely awful. For the most part, it was largely boring and forgettable.

The show opens with Goldylocks signing the U.S. national anthem... she's no Lillian Garcia, but I thought she did fine. There is also mention of an open contract for the masked man to sign for a match with Truth... the show proper opens with a promo from former X-Division champion AJ Styles, who cites that he has a rematch clause and thus the scheduled match between new champ Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash, but Jerry comes out and says that he got NWA officials to make the match a three-way, so that'll be something, I suppose.

On a side note, I've had a couple people wonder I never make mention of AJ's manager, the nerd-looking Mortimer. He does nothing for me; I'm sure he's a nice guy, but the gimmick is just... meh. Not working for me. And you know what they say; if you don't have anything nice to say...

In a battle of the ECW alumni, EZ Money defeated Tony Mamaluke in a quick match, which is followed by a squash win for Sonny Siaki... nice to see him look dominant for once. Then Jerry's Kid claims he and his girl have made up, only for said girl to come out of the show and be followed by Bruce... I'm waiting for the part where this becomes entertaining. Right now, I'm just bored. James Mitchell comes out and reintroduces the world to Malice, who squashes some dude in a nothing match. One Jeff Jarrett interview about being screwed and such later, Amazing Red defeated Jimmy Yang in a pretty fun match.

Jeff Jarrett defeated BG James to finally earn a World title shot, so maybe he can stop crying about getting screwed unless the match doesn't happen because the people booking this shit have no fucking clue. Brian Lee and Slash - members of James Mitchell's New Church - defeated AMW to win the NWA tag titles. And Jerry Lynn retains the X-Division title over Aj Styles and Kid Kash in a pretty good main event match.

The show closes out with Jeff Jarrett, who's finally getting his much-earned World title shot next week, cut an impassioned speech about next week's match being very important to him as I am left wondering if I'm supposed to be cheering or booing this guy.

Next week is the last show on this journey... and anyone familiar with TNA history (and I can call it TNA history since they're going back to that name next year) should know exactly why I'm jumping off that train. If not... well, see you next week.

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