Monday, October 23, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #18 - I've Seen This Before (October 23rd, 2002)

Tonight on NWA-TNA, Curt Hennig challenges Ron Killings for the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship... again. Syxx-Pac challenges AJ Styles for the X-Division Championship... again. Jeff Jarrett takes on Scott Hall... again.

Well, if you didn't buy those other PPVs, you got all the major matches here. Not sure if that's a net positive, but to this show's credit, I didn't completely hate this.

Opening contest was a multi-man elimination match that was won by the Amazing Red; an amazing showcase of highspots and athletics if you're into that sort of thing. This is followed by another successful NWA Tag Title defense for Chris Harris and James Storms, who defeated the Hot Shots in a perfectly acceptable match whose only relevance is that Mike Tenay mentions the fans dubbing the team "America's Most Wanted." And there you have it. It's official. The team is whole.

Jerry Lynn cuts a promo hyping his upcoming match with Sonny Siaki when Jerry's Kid barges and asks about his girlfriend while I continue to not give a fuck. This leads to our next match that sees Jerry Lynn defeat Sonny Siaki in what I thought was a fun match, followed by Sonny going for Jerry's bad knee with the crab submission. A bit more brawling follows before Siaki heads off and officials help out Lynn. Well, it's a small step in trying to build this guy as something more than Rocky Jr.

Scott Hall defeated Jeff Jarrett in another match involving outside brawls and trash cans. It was something... this is followed by BG James defeating Jerry's Kid while the latter is distracted by X-Pac and Jerry's Kid's girlfriend making out on stage while I continue to not give a fuck. AJ styles defeated Syxx-Pac to retain the X-Division title, which is followed by Jerry's Kid beating up Syxx-Pac. Jorge Estrada defeated Ace Steel as I ponder the mysteries of the universe. And X-Pac and Jerry's Kid go at it some more over the girlfriend thing while I continue to not give a fuck.

For anyone thinking that I would've been over this 21 years younger, stuff like this is why I never had a high regard for the women segment in wrestling shows until they started having something resembling actual wrestling matches or even just stories I'd care about. By this point, I was on the Internet and this sort of creepy women stuff was stuff I could find on the Internet any time I wanted. I didn't need to pay ten bucks a week for shit like this. I also didn't care for stuff like Jerry Springer or Maury or whatever the fuck.

Anyway, some other stuff happened and the show ends with NWA Worlds Champion Ron Killings defeating Curt Hennig to retain the title in a match that I've already seen last week, almost to the point where it feels like a repeat except worse. And it's not like the last match they had was any kind of five-star classic or anything like that; it was a fairly serviceable match. 

I've said in the opening intro that I didn't necessarily hate this show, but that's only because this show did nothing for me. It wasn't great, it wasn't bad... but for the most part, this show is losing me. Just one more month before THAT thing happens and then I could presumably jump off this bandwagon.

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