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21 Years Ago In TNA #17 - Blankity Blank Blank Blank (October 16th, 2002)

The former Mr. Perfect challenges THE TRUTH for the NWA Worlds' Heavyweight Championship... and also the former Road Dogg teams with that NASCAR guy to take on Jeff Jarrett and... one of the Rainbow guys... take a guess as to which of these is the main event.

Actually, for once, don't bother because in a rare bit of common sense, the World title match is your main event. As it should be since it's supposed to be the most important prize in your promotion. But instead we're getting the continuing saga of babyface heel Jeff Jarrett getting screwed over by the company.

After some recap videos, Goldylocks interviews Jorge Estrada, who declares his search for another Flying Elvis as well as introduce a young blond as his own Priscilla... you know, as in the flying Elvis' wife. And then Syxx-Pac shows up and Jerry's Kid shows up to hold Goldy accountable for whatever happens to his girlfriend, which leads us to Jerry's Kid beating David Young in a pretty one-sided match despite attempts to give Young some semblance of offense, but no semblance of credibility to go along with it.

Jerry Lynn comes out and challenges Sonny Siaki to a match next week. He and Siaki go out at while other dudes try to pull them apart. I am anxiously waiting for the part where Sonny Siaki decides that trying to be the Rock is not a good fit for him.

Mike Tenay and Syxx Pac have a chat, talking about Pac's past with Jerry Lynn and some of his own career highlights before focusing on his upcoming match with AJ Styles.

Sonny Siaki defeated Jorge Estrada in what I would consider a perfectly acceptable grudge match that is followed by Jerry Lynn attacking Sonny... this is followed by the dancing cage girl, which is followed by this Ace Steel fellow getting the win over some kid whose name I don't recall. Match itself was a night off for Steel.

BG James and the NASCAR guy defeated Jeff Jarrett and one of the Rainbow guys (I think it was Bruce) where the NASCAR guy rolled up the Rainbow guy for the win while BG and Jarrett were brawling on the outside, with Jarrett hitting James with a trash can. Naturally, Jarrett is upset at getting a loss at the hands of the NASCAR guy, but Bruce just wants a hug. He gets a low blow and a stroke for his efforts... the Stroke being Jarrett's faceplant finisher move, not the... never mind. I don't care. This whole thing is a waste of time.

More dancing girls... one of the Harris boys beats up some dude... and then we have James Storm and Chris Harris retaining their NWA Tag Titles over Chris and Rick Michaels in another nothing match, after which another team called the Hot Shots come in and attack the champions... even if there is a disconnect between the musings for these shows, it's because a lot of this stuff is blanked out as soon as I'm done watching and writing about this stuff. This is one of those shows where a LOT of blanking out is going to be taking place.

AJ Styles retains his X-Division title via DQ in his match against X-Pac when Pac shoved the referee... well, it was fun while it lasted, I guess.

Curt Hennig cuts a promo on how he doesn't see a lot of wrestling these days, but sees it in NWA-TNA... I laughed. This is followed by another great Truth promo, as I am saddened that we didn't get enough of THIS Truth on a larger stage.

NWA World Champion Ron Killings defeated Curt Hennig to retain the title in a match that featured zero wrestling and a gazillion run-ins.

After a couple "okay" shows, we're back to the depths of shit. While this isn't an outright horrible show, there are bits and pieces that had me rolling my eyes and not caring. This does not bode well for the future of this series.

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