Monday, October 9, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #16 - Devoid Of Merit (October 9th, 2002)

This week's show isn't a terrible one... but is such a nothing happening show that I'm amazed people stuck around to fork another ten bucks for next week's show. Only the opener and the main event is going to get extensive (not by much) coverage while everything else is glossed over. Sorry, but nothing happened to keep my attention beyond "yeah, that was a thing."

The show opens with reigning NWA World Champion Ron Killings crying about a conspiracy keeping him down and he decides to go after poor Don West... what a heel. Sadly for Truth, there is something keeping him down and it's not a conspiracy; it's shit booking and even shittier writing. BG James and Syxx Pack come out to introduce Curt Hennig - back in the limelight months after getting shitcanned from WWE over the plane ride from hell and looking less than perfect, but he held up his end of the bargain in the opening six-man match that saw Hennig, Dogg, and Syxx be triumphant over Jarrett, Truth, and Jerry's Kid... and also, a mysterious figure in a white jumpsuit with the moniker of Mr. Wrestling III attacks Truth. It begins.

Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki has another fight. X-Pac and Low Ki kiss and make up. The future AMW retain their tag titles over another team in a perfectly acceptable tag match. Chris Rock - yes, THAT Chris Rock - challenges anyone to come to TNA and get their ass kicked... so anyone who bought a show can get their ass kicked by watching it. If only that were the case because I'd rather my ass get kicked than my brain fried. Some guy named Ace Steel wins a four-way Ironman match... that lasts fifteen minutes... does anyone not know how long a fucking Ironman match is supposed to last? This is followed by a bit featuring Don West, the NASCAR guy, and Bruce the Miss TNA guy that is all kinds of stupid... had this been twenty years ago, I'd be using very different terminology.

What started as an X-Division title bout between champion Low Ki and challenger Ace Steel suddenly became a billion-man ladder match that saw FUCKING X-PAC win the title. The match itself was fine... a bit of a mess, but fine.

This show confounded me. There was some quality stuff if you're mostly into moves, but if you're into stuff happening, that ended with the opening match and then the X-Division stuff devolved into all kinds of stupid.

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