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21 Years Ago In TNA #15 - Brawls For All (October 2nd, 2002)

So this show is a considerable improvement... which isn't saying a whole lot because it's still pretty much trash... but I didn't hate this as much as previous shows.

BG James and Syxx-Pac show up and talk some trash in regards to Jarrett, Jerry's Kid, Elix Skipper, TRUTH, and Low Ki, saying that they should be getting opportnities that those guys are getting... you know, because they're former WWF guys that people recognize. Finally, the former D-O-Double-G challenges J-E-Double-F J-A-Double-R-E-Double-T (ha ha) to come down to the ring and Jarrett does show up, but the former DX guys get ambushed by Jerry's Kid and Skipper... because now they're all one big happy family or something. I am going to assume that I missed something that I didn't pay attention to or completely forgot about, but the last time I checked, Brian Christopher had an issue with Jarrett regarding some girlfriend and now all of a sudden... I'm thinking too much, aren't I?

Amazing Red defeated Shark Boy in the opening moves match. Red is a talent and Shark Boy is no slouch, either. People like the Shellraiser (that's what he'd call himself, right?) around this time, which is actually cool to see because I remember him from later on being quite an entertaining Stone Cold knock-off. The match itself is a thing, but that's about it. And then Elix attacks Red.

After a Low-Ki promo, reigning NWA World Champion TRUTH comes out and challenges Low Ki to come out now so that we can have the match right now... oh goodie, another PPV that isn't being main-evented by the reigning World champion. The match itself is fine, even if it feels like a clash of styles, but eventually Killings retains the title... and then he gets attacked by some dude in a mask and all-white get-up... you know, I heard that Vince Russo wanted TRUTH to feud with a bunch of KKK dudes and Jerry Jarrett - who was one of the most beloved promoters for a reason - said no. So we got is the one dude who'd eventually be dubbed Mr. Wrestling III... and I already know where this is going and once we get there... I'm free.

So what remains of the Flying Elvises gets beat by that one Maximo tag-team who have rechristened themselves the SAT... which stands for Spanish Announce Table... you know, the table that always gets smashed on WWE television, so these guys changed their tag team name into a meme... the match itself was fine; perfectly acceptable tag match, but the main takeaway was former Elvis Sonny Siaki taunting his former Partners and causing them to lose the match... so apparently, this feud must continue.

Siaki gets interviewed in the back, but is attacked by Jerry Lynn... who gets taken out by AJ Styles and he and Siaki beat the crap out of Jerry. This leads to Sonny Siaki having a so-so match with David Young... but then Siaki would interfere in the ladder match that would be won by AJ Styles, who would grab the belt... and then Siaki, Lynn, and AJ would go at it before one of the old guys demand a rematch and gives the belt back to Lynn. This totally Dusty Fuck Finish killed any good vibes the ladder match may have produced.

God bless Don West. He tries so desperately hard to try and sell you the bullshit coming up and he's genuinely excited and passionate about this product. I dare anyone out there who can try and sell a log of shit with as much passion and charisma as Don West. It's not going to happen. That man was truly one of a kind.

And in the main event, BG James and Syxx Pack defeated Jeff Jarrett and Jerry's kid with eleventy billion run-ins in between, before, and after this match. All this shit is starting to blend it and none of it feels special. It's like why am I even bothering to watch the show when all I'm getting is slight variations of the same old shit.

For what it's worth, this was a better weekly outing from TNA than I was expecting. The past couple shows had been somewhat forgettable, but this one actually entertained me and kept my interest. Some good stuff on here that outweighs the less than stellar stuff, which was more dull and boring than outright atrocious. Hey, as far as I'm concerned, that's a step up.

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