Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Very Sh!t Trek: The Next Generation

So the Star Trek Paramount people released another Very Short Trek... this one called Worst Contact and featuring the TNG crew making first contact with an alien race who pick their noses and are not familiar with the concept of basic hygiene. I am told this is hilarious and yet when I was done, my only question was "When does this get funny?"

I get that these are supposed to funny little shorts, but it would be nice if these things were actually funny. The only one that I remotely enjoyed was the Holiday Party one, where Spock shows off a blooper reel of sorts. I thought Clip #15 was an excellent blooper.

Beyond that... eh. Maybe next time, if you guys decide to do this again, maybe someone whose one highlight isn't a drawn-out gag that overstayed its welcome ages ago. Hell, maybe get someone who knows how to write actual comedy. I don't even care if it's consistent with Star Trek canon - if you want to make me laugh, give me something funny... YOU DUMMIES!

Make it blow.


That's funny.

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