Monday, September 18, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #13 - Oh, You Didn't Know... Steel Punks (September 18th, 2002)

TNA didn't hold a PPV last week due to it being 9/11... so fan saved their ten dollars and presumably spent it on necessary goods.

Sadly, three weeks off the rotation did not improve the quality of the show, which hasn't dipped into the realm of terrible as some of those early shows, but it's not all that great. And honestly, I don't have the heart to do a "full recap" of this show - whatever that entails - so I will only note a couple highlights.

Right off the bat, Jeff Jarrett challenges Bob Armstrong and out comes the Bullet guy, who pulls his mask off to reveal himself to be... oh, you didn't know? It's the former Road Dogg, who goes by BG James and goes on to recap his past history with Jarrett before declaring that he's going to be a tag champion... so there t

Oh, right. The tag titles have been vacated somehow and I missed it... or I didn't pay enough attention to care... so that gets contested in a Gauntlet For The Gold match that closes with the future AMW Chris Haris/James Storm to defeat Ron Harris/Brian Lee to win the vacant Tag titles. That whole gauntlet match was quite fun and there were quite a few familiar faces, including a certain punk and steel combination... nobody is going to get that.

Okay, fine... CM Punk and Ace Steel make their TNA debut here and they won a triple threat match to earn a spot in said Gauntlet or something. Cool.

The show ends Ron Killings retaining the NWA title over Jerry Lynn. The match wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, but good on Truth for getting a World title defense in the main event of this weekly PPV thing.

All in all... meh.

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