Monday, September 4, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #12 - Not Doing A Best Of Show (September 4th, 2002)

TNA didn't have a proper PPV event today; they're aired a best of X-Division show instead. I didn't watch it, but I'd thought that I would mention it here to keep the ball rolling, so to speak. TNA apparently was running low on money and this best of show was a necessity, but not too much of a necessity to have another one for next week. I supposed someone figured having a best of show for a series that has less than a dozen episodes is silly and two would be overkill. Or maybe that was the plan and someone decided that a good chunk of the show WASN'T good and so just do the one best of show.

The next "actual" PPV show would take place in a couple weeks because TNA didn't do a show on 9/11. Don't recall if it's out of respect for those who lost their lives or because they just didn't have money to do another one. Either way, there's no weekly PPV next week and we're given a brief respite.

So here's the deal... I've been lagging on them PPV Musings as of late and quite frankly, that's my own damn fault. Now that #1000 is out of the way, we can hopefully pick things up. If my buddy pulls through, I should be able to get myself caught up on all the AEW shows that I missed and that's what I'll end up doing next week throughout. I'm also hoping to catch the landmark 1000th episode of Impact Wrestling and giving that a looksie. They're bringing back all the classic TNA names... I wonder if Russo is going to be writing that show.

Anyhoo... that's it for now, kids.


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