Saturday, August 26, 2023

Switch Security (Allegedly)


Denuvo - the PC security company fucking up PC games with their security methods designed to curtail software piracy but actually hurting the people who buy the games and forcing them to pirate their purchased software... GREAT JOB, LADS.

So yeah, they hooked up with Nintendo to prevent Switch emulation. Now Switch owners can not only complain about subpar ports of AAA games because the developers couldn't be bothered, but now they've got questionable security gimmicks that could potentially fuck up their games even further, prompting the people who buy their games legit to find ways to be able to play them properly... which usually entails - wait for it - PIRATING THEIR GAMES OR RESORTING TO EMULATION!

Why does this fucking company exist? Who gives these fuckers money? Their methods do nothing to curtail piracy and do more harm to the people who actually buy the games legitimately, which forces them to pirate their games or find patches to circumvent that nonsense. And they're not the only ones guilty of this.

If you want to fight piracy and curtail emulation of your products, Nintendo, then maybe consider doing things to discourage such behavior. This is only going to boost that further. Morons.

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