Tuesday, August 1, 2023

State Of The Blog - August 2023

The Road To 1000... has been delayed due to illness.

Normally, the last five reviews would be up this week... but this past Sunday, I was hit with some major stomach aches and was practically bed ridden for the past couple days. Good news is that I've recovered a bit. Bad news is that plans have changed once again.

So the reviews are being pushed back or spread out a bit. These reviews are mostly done save for last minute editing and a final review before rendering. As soon as I've got something ready to announce, I will let you all know.

As for other stuff, 21 Years Ago In TNA is somehow still a thing. Everything else is up in the air.

I'm sorry about all this. I really wanted to nail that August 4th date, I've been pushing reviews out to try and make that date as best as I could, but once again, life finds a way to make plans go awry. Hence the moral of our story... don't plan ahead.

As a Olympic hero would often say, it's true.... it's damn true.

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