Monday, August 28, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #11 - Oh Wait... Never Mind. (August 28th, 2002)

This PPV was a taped show, having been taped after the previous show, which I thought was actually pretty good... enough, at least. This is readily apparent in that the crowd isn't as enthusiastic as they were in the last show... in fact, they were quite dead.

I can't say that I blame them. The only thing of note is the main event that saw Jerry Lynn defeat AJ Styles and X-Division champion Low Ki in a really good triple-threat ladder match to win the title and not even before he gets off the ladder to celebrate his big win, Mike Tenay signs us off and the show's over. It's not even "To The Back" so much it's "We're outta time."

Everything that happens before that, however?

I'll be honest; this show isn't as bad as what you'd usually get and I suppose that's worth something, but before you get that great main event, you have Jeff Jarrett feuding with 60-something Bob Armstrong and some dude in Bob's old Bullet mask. You could make the argument about 64-year-old Sting in AEW, but Bullet Bob is no Sting... oh and apparently, Brian Christopher was about to explain why he's so mad at Jarrett, but instead he beat up a photographer taking pictures of his girlfriend... and this is supposed to make me care about anything B.C. does... why, exactly?

So you remember when I was listing all the stupid stuff that wasn't on the show... well, one of the Rainbow guys was facing off against fitness model and sometimes wrestler April Hunter and... well, I'll be honest; I only watched five seconds of this before I skipped ahead.

Sonny Siaki hits Monty Brown with a low blow while Monty is trash-talking Jarrett and pins him. The match is not very good.

Yeah, whatever. Show was there. My brain hurts. Bye.

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