Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Stop Catering To Nostalgia; You're Not Very Good At It

No, seriously... just stop.

Every time you try to cater to my nostalgia, you're just reminding me of something that I'd much rather be watching right about now. Why watch another rehash of Terminator when I can go back and watch the superior first film... or the second for that matter? Why feature Michael Keaton's big return as Batman in a movie starring someone else when I can go back and watch the classic Bat films from back in the day? Oh, look. Another Indiana Jones film featuring 120-year old Harrison Ford just tagging along for the ride... yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with the trilogy; that's more than enough for me. What's that? A live-action remake of a classic Disney cartoon that's going to be shittier than the cartoon it's based on? Why the fuck would I want to watch that?

Also, stop trying to introduce your shitty next generation characters to your nostalgia acts. You can't do that all that well, either. If you want to do the next generation, then do the fucking next generation and only have a couple old guys or gals around to send our new heroes off. I could think of one show that did that wonderfully. It's called Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I'd add Power Rangers to that list, but it's just following the Super Sentai formula and it's hardly a nostalgia act.

Enough with the nostalgia acts. They only remind me of things that used to be good. They also remind me of things I could be watching right now instead of your shit film.


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