Thursday, July 6, 2023

Outside The All Elite Bubble

For anyone curious, I have not watched AEW's Double Or Nothing PPV from last month (or was it the month before?) I did watch the Forbidden Door PPV... or rather the replay of Forbidden Door. And only because I was told that Tony Khan actually got the rights to Final Countdown for Bryan Danielson to come out to in his match with Okada. I'll have full thoughts on the show... eventually, but I thought it was just fine.

I'm sure someone is reading this and having a conniption fit over my not glorifying this show as the greatest thing ever... but anyone who knows me knows that I don't watch New Japan and thus do not have the New Japan hard on that certain folks in the wrestling bubble would have. And also, I have not been keeping up with as much AEW as I would like... life stuff and all that jazz.

I have also not watched a single lick of the new Saturday Night Collision show, thus killing Punk's brilliant theory on how I'm watching no matter what and I didn't. I've heard good things about the show, but when I heard Collision was only going to be on the TSN streaming app, I said, "Fuck it." Because the last time I tried the TSN streaming app, it was a total clusterfuck of an app and I gave up on. Now apparently, I've heard that TSN did air replays at midnight, but you know what? I ain't watching shit at midnight on a Saturday night and I haven't DVR'ed a single episode of the show either, if that's the case. That's why I don't talk about Rampage or those Battle Of The Belt shows; cuz it's only on the app and that app is fucking horrible.

Even Dynamite... I haven't been keeping up with all that much. Just didn't have the time and you know the funny thing, the more time passes, the less inclined you are to go back to something... I've been dealing with some family stuff, some personal stuff, and like I said, there are also technical bits I needed to work on. I just didn't have the time, so Forbidden Door ended up being the first proper AEW show that I've seen in a while. Why that show? Because I wanted to give Tony Khan a couple bucks and help him pay Europe for the use of Final Countdown... that was it, really. As soon as I heard he actually got the rights to Final Countdown, I'm like, "Yeah, I gotta get this show." So, there you go.

I have yet to play the Fight Forever video game... reviews have been generally positive, but I'm debating whether I'm gonna go for the Switch version or go full-blown PC version... also I'm debating going all in now or waiting for a price drop... we'll see. WWE front... tonight's Money In The Bank. We'll see if I can catch, but if not... oh well.

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