Thursday, July 13, 2023

Familiar Old Terrain And Streaming Trek Concerns

So we're about five episodes into the second season of Strange New Worlds and... it is okay. Not great, not good, just... okay. This feels less like "strange new worlds" and more like "let's rehash stuff" worlds. I will say it's nice to see the current Trek regime remember what Klingons look like and give us proper Klingons for once. The second episode resolved the whole Number One on trial thing and she's back on the ship. Third episode is another time travel story that gives us another dose Paul Wesley as Jim Kirk, which is... fine. And then the fourth episode was a thing that happened. I have yet to see the fifth episode.

Beyond that, however, the big news on the Star Trek front seems to be the cancellation of Star Trek: Prodigy. Even though they announced a second season and apparently, that's in the can, it's no longer going to be a thing unless they find someone else to pick it up. Not only that, but they're also taking the show off Paramount+ and using it as a tax write off. There's a couple shows that they're pulling from the service and cancelling, but... I don't know. I've heard good things about Prodigy. I have not seen it myself, but apparently, that was a really good show. 

Unfortunately, I might have little time to do it, since it was also announced that most of the Star Trek shows will be removed from Crave - which is the Bell streaming service up here in Canada. It's supposed to happen at the end of the month, but you'll be able to watch all your favorite Treks on CTV... except I don't want to watch on CTV; I want to watch on a good quality streamer that doesn't shit the bed with endless commercials.

For the record, Netflix Canada still has most of the classic Trek shows - it's only missing the animated series - but who knows how long that's going to last? In any event, that's going to be a bummer and it further highlights the drawbacks of streaming. This is where people are going to flaunt the wonders of physical media... which is fine and dandy until those tapes and discs stop working and you'd have to resort to "alternative means" of watching your favorite shows.

So I guess the only ideal solution of full blow preservation in any field is to be a pirate.

Good luck with that.

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