Sunday, July 9, 2023


Capcom is shuttering online servers for the online mobile game Rockman X Dive in Japan. There's a couple events you can take part of before the service goes offline in September. The global servers, apparently, are going to be kept up indefinitely, whatever that ends up entailing, but... yeah, I tried it for a bit. It's a thing where it plays somewhat Mega Man-ish, but you have auto-aim, the levels are short, you need to build up resources in-game or via microtransactions, which I never did.

I mean, the game was okay. Got a couple months mileage out of it on the mobile and even tried it on Steam for a bit, but it was never a game that had me going "Must play more." I sampled a bit, moved on to something else. In terms of mobile gaming and these sorts of Gacha titles, Dive isn't entirely worthless, but nothing special. It's no Legacy Wars, which I did spend some change on for the extra characters and such and now I haven't touched it in years and it's on a device that's crapping out, so... I am over the mobile game craze. I'm over microtransactions.

So look, if you're a big fan of Dive in Japan, enjoy it while you can because in a couple months, it'll be all gone unless you find a way to play the global servers... I don't know. These sorts of games have a limited shelf life. They go up, they get a couple years of mileage, people spend money for trinkets, and then everything is shut down. Such is the trials and tribulations of mobile online gaming... I don't know; maybe somebody can turn this into an offline thing that can be played offline or something... but then that would be illegal and why would anyone do that... or something? I don't know. I don't care much either.

Now, with that said, Capcom did announce an offline version of Dive was coming soon. They even had a trailer for it and everything... yeah, we'll see about that one. I'd be much happier if they announced a new proper Mega Man game. Classic, X... maybe go left field and actually produce that Legends sequel everyone wanted or continue where ZX Advent left off...

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