Monday, July 31, 2023

21 Years Ago In TNA #07 - Planting The Seeds Of TRUTH (July 31st, 2002)

21 years ago, on this very day... NWA-TNA had another terrible weekly PPV show that they got away with charging people money for. A lot of bullshit, a lot of garbage... How these assholes still stayed in business when THIS was the product they were offering is confounding to me.

Jeff Jarrett shows up to the ring with a sack over his shoulder. We're made to think that it's the NWA belt that was stolen by Malice, but apparently, it was given back to its rightful owner, Ken Shamrock. So what's in the sack? A little person for Jarrett to beat up... obviously.

Listen, I'll be blunt; a good chunk of the show is fucking awful and not worth mentioning. BUT... there are a couple segments that I do want to talk about and these are the segments that I actually did enjoy for better or worse.

First off, we've got another great TRUTH promo and this time, he's joined by Ricky Steamboat, who addresses Truth by his real name. Truth ain't got no beef with Steamboat, 'cuz he ain't one of THEM. He says "I am a fan of yours, Ricky. Why they stick you with the IC title, the title for JABRONIS?!" Or something like that, and Ricky goes "Yeah, dawg. I get ya'. Next week, you get a title shot!" Hey, you know what? I actually enjoyed this. Truth had an actual grievance and Steamboat, being one of the eleventy-billion authority figures in TNA, sees where Truth is coming from and decides to give him a title shot next week. I don't care for the little funky dance that Truth did in response because that's something "THEY" would want him to do... but whatever, the Truth gets his shot next week and I think I know how that's going to turn out.

What was the other good thing on this show? Don West giving you the hard sell on next week's show as only he could. Say what you will about Don on commentary - he'd get better as the years go on - but the man is one hell of a pitchman.

The rest of the show... fuck it. Not even worth the mention... Jarrett beats Scott Hall in a fucking shit main event. THere's a match between Low Ki and Jerry Lynn that ends in a no contest. The New Church spills red liquid that we're supposed to think is blood... or maybe it is blood... fuck, why am I even giving this much thought?

If this were offered for free, I'd be more lenient, but I'm paying for this shit. And this shit blows.

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