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21 Years Ago In TNA #04 - Testing My Patience (July 10th, 2002)

The fourth of five NWA-TNA Weekly PPVs available for free on Youtube is where I'm starting to feel a bit bored. It seems like they were dead set on selling someone the rights to a television show of sorts and when there were no offers, they opted to put the shows on PPV instead. The problem is that four "episodes" into this venture, this already feels like a bit of a sloth to get through; so much so that when it came time to sit down and do my weekly write-up for this blog, my mind drew a blank.

It's actually pretty amazing that my only, real big takeaway is that The New Church - the new heel group headed by the Sinister Minister James Mitchell - has engaged in a feud with Jeff Jarrett - who is also a heel who keeps demanding a title shot that nobody in the NWA would grant him because they would rather have their reigning NWA World Champion defend the title against some Japanese wrestler nobody on this particular side of the globe has heard of. And for the people who are reading this expecting a full-blown recap, I hate to disappoint you folks, but I'm not really inclined to offer that.

Here's the thing, right? These are not TV reports, reviews, recaps, or whatever the case may be. These are just quick things where I gather my thoughts on things that happen on the show that are worth mentioning. I mean I could go into great detail on the big X-Division eliminator match that saw Low-Ki earn himself a shot at AJ Styles' title... but what can I say besides "it's a great match with a lot of moves?" Because that's all I've got.

So here are the notable bits... for whatever it's worth...

Hey, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn retain their tag titles in an awesome opening match against Slash and Tempest; the latter of whom was Crowbar in WCW and he did most of the work while Slash was... just there. They teased dissention between Styles and Lynn... so we're doing that already, huh?

Brian Christopher decides he doesn't want to be known as "Jerry's kid" and would rather be called Brian Lawler... which makes no sense if you want to distance yourself from being Jerry's kid. He then has a bad match with Norman Smiley, who would go on to bigger and better things as a coach in NXT down the road, but plain jane Norman Smiley feuding with Jerry's kid... eh... this immediately has me wondering how long before David Flair eventually shows up to try this wrestling thing again.

Ron Killings continues his feud with the NASCAR guy... and the NASCAR guy beats ol' K-Krush on a ref reversal. Why the fuck am I watching this crap?

And then all of a sudden, a nice surprise; as the Briscoes of ROH fame make an appearance on NWA-TNA weekly PPV to take on two young guys. Oh, goodie! Something to look forward. The match lasts all of two minutes before the New Church comes in and beats up both teams. At this point, I skip ahead to the World title match that sees Ken Shamrock retain the title over the Japanese dude (Omori, I think his name was...) due to Jeff Jarrett running and hitting both guys with a chair, rendering the match a no contest.

Yeah, fuck this show. I mean, you have one or two great matches here and there, but that's about it. And the thing with multi-man X-Division matches is that if you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all and it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, next week is the last free show. We'll see if things improve enough that I might give this more of a shot going forward or if that's where I jump off the train before it falls off the rails. My hopes are not high.

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