Wednesday, June 21, 2023

WWF Backlash 2000

Well, Wrestlemania 2000 came and went. Triple H managed to become the first heel to walk out of the event as WWF Champion and the show as a whole wasn't very good despite having some good stuff on it. We're skipping that one because I already covered this one as part of my Ramblemania series and I'm saving the reboot for next year.

Fortunately, we have Backlash, which usually does a good job of being better than Mania if the 99 show was anything to go by. And besides, we got Rock vs. HHH for the title, with Stone Cold Steve Austin serving as a special enforcer. This will be the first time WWF audiences will get to see Stone Cold live since Survivor Series 99 - not counting the Halftime Heat appearance in made in January, which was a pre-taped interview with Jim Ross. This is, of course, following the crazy empty arena match between Rock and Mankind... and then there was no more Halftime Heat.

Anyway... enough padding. On with the show.

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