Friday, June 16, 2023

The Current Situation

A bit of a quick update and some full disclosure regarding reviews...

June 19th will see one review uploaded. The rest of the reviews between now and August is up in the air... but there's a technical reason behind this.

So my old Omen that I bought back in 2017 recently decided that it was going to blow the fans really loud. The system still works, I can still play stuff on it, but it's so loud that I can't dub and quite frankly, having that thing blow for hours on end is a bit of a headache. I'm looking into getting the thing fixed; if it's something like replacing the case fan or something minor, it'd be no problem. But if it's a CPU thing, then I'll need to take this to a shop and have it checked out by somebody who knows what the fuck they're doing.

Naturally, this is going to impede my ability to make videos. At the moment, only one video is available for upload this Monday, but the rest are either still in various states of development or non-existent. So the scheduling is going to be slightly out of wack. Fortunately, things isn't a total lost cause because I recently bought a mini-PC gaming that is supposedly designed with gaming in mind. It runs well enough that I can capture some decent footage with OBS and I have enough portable DVD readers to hook up and rip footage. So I can get some stuff going on.

It's not the ideal set-up and for all intents and purposes, I do want to get my old tower up and running because it is a nice machine and I'd hate to see it go to waste. But for now, this is where we're at with technology and stuff.

Will keep you all updated down the road.


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