Monday, June 12, 2023

About Roman's New Belt

So now that my two month wrestling embargo and subsequent one week hiatus has come to a close, I can finally talk about this "new" undisputed WWE title that Roman Reigns was gifted for reaching a thousand days, which I assume was the whole point of this deal. As you could probably tell, it's just the usual belt buckle design, except now the center plate has a yellowish/gold backdrop and it says Undisputed Champion.

Much ado about nothing, I suppose. But at least Roman has a shiny new belt to carry around.

This also presumably means that the original WWE Championship that has been a thing since the inception of the promotion itself back in 1966 - the one held by Bruno, Hogan, Bret, Shawn, Austin, Rock, Cena, and others - has been put to rest so that focus can be put on both Roman's one new belt and the fake World title that Seth is carrying around.

History is apparently nothing more than a number to surpass and flaunt on social media these days.

Oh well... at least GUNTHER is still IC champion. That's the only reign I give two shits about these days.

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