Monday, May 15, 2023

It's Okay To Like A Franchise And Not Like Everything In It

You're a big fan of a franchise. You like the movies they put out. Some of the TV shows were pretty good. You've even dabbled in some of the official novels and comic books.

But then something comes along and it isn't quite as good... and much to your dismay, you discover that you not only don't like this new thing, but you might actually hate it. You consider this an affront to the franchise you've grown to love over the years.

It doesn't end there. Something else comes along and it's even worse than the other thing. You come to realize that these new things are lesser products devised to set aside all the things you loved about that franchise in favor of trying to appeal that wider, casual audience... otherwise known as the "lowest common denominator."

All of a sudden, the thing you loved ever since you were a young kid is slowly but surely becoming a thing that you don't like. You get to that point where you're becoming the old timer who shouts at the clouds about how everything was better back in the day when the franchise was in its infancy and now everything is just crap or worse.

Does that make you less of a fan?

Of course it fucking doesn't.

Kids... it's okay to be a fan of something and not like everything that comes out of it. I have enjoyed many franchises over the years - some of which have been a substantial part of my life in some form or fashion - and I can freely admit that some of the stuff coming from those franchises lately have been... let's just say "less than stellar." Does that make me less of a fan of this thing or worse, a "fake fan?"

Of course it fucking doesn't.

First of all, someone not enjoying the thing you enjoy should not prevent you from enjoying the thing you enjoy. Some things I enjoy are not enjoyed by other people. That does not hamper my enjoyment of these things that some people don't enjoy as much as I do, if at all. Your enjoyment of something should not be gauged by how many other people are or are not enjoying that something. If you like something that everybody else hates, then more power to you. On the other hand, if you don't like something that is beloved by many others, that doesn't make you less of a fan and if anyone else tries to convince you otherwise in a non-joking manner, that's their problem, not yours.

Like what you like and be done with it. If you like the old stuff, just watch the old stuff. If you like the new stuff, watch the new stuff. If you like everything, then have at it. And if you'd rather spent your time doing something else, then that's cool too.

I'd tell you not to be a dick, but it seems like every time I hear someone tell people not to be a dick, they eventually become themselves.

I don't know what compelled me to type out this piece of business,  but hey, it's something, I suppose.

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