Thursday, April 13, 2023

Since We're On The (Sailor) Moonshine...

Since we're riding on the Sailor Moonshine this week, I guess it would be a good time to mention that Crave (the Canadian streaming service from Bell) has the original Sailor Moon anime... only it's the newer English dub rather than the one from the 90s when everyone sounded older and for some reason, Luna had a British accent. That is actually the one big thing that I have to adjust to when watching this newer dub because Luna doesn't have that and it's hard to visualize her English take without it.

So I've been watching bits and pieces of this thing... jumping back and forth, here and there... there's about two-hundred episodes of this thing and most of it is filler. I guess that's why I prefer the newer Crystal version in that regard; when it comes to the major story bits, it's a lot more condensed and little character moments mean something. Meanwhile, there are so many filler episodes between major plotpoints that it feels like we're repeating the same gags over and over.

That said, I'm actually enjoying jumping into this old show. There's an element of humor that Crystal was lacking, though I'll admit that it's easy to think of Rei in this anime as a totally different character from the Rei featured in other shows. And yes, Usagi cries quite a bit and yes, they find many ways of making the most out of a cheap one-note gag... but if I'm going to be bare, two hundred episodes of vintage Sailor Moon anime doesn't feature as much as crying as a single season of Star Trek: Discovery. At the very least, I'm being somewhat entertained here.

That is all for now, kids.


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