Tuesday, April 4, 2023

RAW (April 3rd, 2023): Only Doing This Out Of Personal Obligation

So for whatever it's worth, I'm only watching this RAW show mostly out of personal obligation and not necessarily because I care enough about the product after the bummer ending at Mania 39. And even then, I'm not even bothering to watch the whole fucking show because, again, three hours of a nothing show is not something I have the patience to put up with. I had originally intended to do this in a five-point format because, you know, the RAW After Mania is usually when you have some great stuff.

As I blow through this show, I quickly realize that there is nothing to do this show that makes me hopeful for the future. It opens with Triple H alluding to the sale news and assuring fans that the WWE they loved was never going away. Unfortunately, then came the Cody/Roman interaction, which saw Cody cut the worst kind of promo in his situation, declaring Roman the better man, saying he almost had him beat, and then demanding a rematch... to which Roman said no. Cody then offered a tag match with himself and a partner vs. Roman and Solo. Heyman agreed on condition that the partner competed at Mania and can no longer challenge for the title.

Out come Brock Lesnar and everyone loses their collective shits. What a match to give the fans after a disappointing outcome to last night's main event. I watch that angle play and the first thought that comes to mind is "Watch Brock Lesnar turn on Cody and beat this shit out of him while Roman walks away."

Sure enough, Brock Lesnar turned on Cody Rhodes and beat the shit out of him while Roman walked away, presumably onto another long hiatus until he's needed at the Saudi show. So not only has Cody pulled a Luger at Mania, but he doubles down by pulling a Sting turning his back on Lesnar's Ric Flair. On top of that, Brock's back to being a heel, which means eleventy-billion suplexes to put everyone into a collective coma before Cody mounts his little comeback and eventually loses again.

Welcome back, Cody. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay chasing the 24/7 title when that gets brought back from the dead.

As far as the rest of the show, nothing else of note happened. Matt Riddle made his long awaited return and punched out Miz; sucks to be that guy this weekend. Seth Rollins came out and had people sing his crappy song. And the new tag team champs? They made short work of the Street Profits. So much for the WWE that I loved which produced actual compelling programming that made me want to watch more; now it's the old WWE with hours of meandering content and horrible shit that goes nowhere.

And people wonder why I don't watch the weekly shows anymore.

The Mania thoughts will pop up on Friday.

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