Thursday, April 6, 2023

AEW Dynamite (April 5th, 2023): Tony's Big Announcement

Well, that was certainly a "big" announcement.

So a couple things happened on last night's edition of Dynamite. AEW had signed Jay White of Bullet Club fame to an #AllElite contract and aligned himself with Rock Hard Juice in the latter's feud against Absolute Ricky Starks, which was almost expected despite rumors that he might sign with WWE - I guess word of Vince being back in the saddle changed his mind. Either that, or he watched Mania... or the RAW After Mania.

FTR won back the AEW World Tag Titles, putting a merciful end to this Gunns experiment. Meanwhile, Women's Champ Jamie Hayter retained over Riho and a good match, House Of Black retained their Trios titles over the Best Friends - I guess the almighty SUE wasn't enough of a motivator, but the match was fun at least. Sammy beat some commander and made pot shots at Cody, which is the wrestling equivalent of kicking a puppy; sure, it's horrible, but at least one person found it funny... oh, and Hangman Page got a screwdriver stuck to his eyeball courtesy of Bryan Danielson. Well, that's a screwjob driven to the ground if I do say so myself.

As far as Tony Khan's VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT... well, they brought Nigel McGuiness on board... but the actual announcement is that they're gonna run All In (yes, ALL IN) from London... from WEMBLEY STADIUM... this coming August 27th. Okay, I will admit that. That was a BOLD announcement and I wish them all the best. However, I also notice that date falls a week before Labor Day weekend, which is traditionally when AEW holds their annual ALL OUT PPV. And then a week or so after that, they usually hold the annual Dynamite from Authur Ashe Stadium in New York. That's going to be quite a juggling act to build all those shows up and get people to care about them... unless there's something else in the works that we don't know about.

Beyond that, the show was... just there. A couple fun matches here and there, but then you've got stuff like MJF Day which put me to sleep, the Outcasts cutting another promo that is giving me serious Divas segment vibes - that is NOT a good thing, by the way - and just a really nothing happening show at the moment with nothing of note worthy of keeping my attention on a weekly basis. That said, we'll see if anything interesting pops up during the build to Double Or Nothing, but for now, I'm taking that extended break.

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