Thursday, March 2, 2023

State Of The Blog - March 2023

Quick little update for the month and that's about it.

First off, video reviews will uploaded every Tuesday and Friday for the next month. Nothing major planned on the horizon, though I'm hoping for something special to come up towards the tail end of the month. Won't say anything until we get there, however.

PPV Musings will be posted every Wednesday, as per usually the case. This month, I'll be covering the AEW PPVs I missed out on last year before eventually tackling this weekend's Revolution PPV. If I end up watching an weekly show, I should have some thoughts on it a day or two later.

In case anyone cares, no, I will not be watching Ring Of Honor. Not that there was much interest beforehand, but to stick the show behind the paywall gives me even less incentive to pursue that show.

I want to try and get a Sunday Gimmick Table out this month. This one's going to be a different beast from the usual format, because it also features archival footage that you probably haven't seen before unless you've been around these parts since the dawn of time. I'd recommend lowering your expectations, otherwise.

Got a couple addition bits in the works. Might not be up this month, but could be up next month. I am hoping to expand the palette so that it goes beyond just gaming and rasslin, which seems to be the rut this thing is stuck with.

There will be a DTM-Cast at the end of the month and it'll open with the long-awaited (not really) Q&A. I may also continue my thoughts on the Picard series going on now and by the time we reach the halfway point, I might turn that into a post you can read.

Other stuff might pop up... key word being might.

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