Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Shazam Underperforms At Box Office... What Did You Expect?

So the new Shazam movie came out this past weekend.

Raise your hand if this is a surprise to you because it sure was to me.

Unlike the first movie, which had a bunch of press behind it, this "Fury Of The Gods" film went under the radar. Nobody talks about it, nobody is promoting the thing, nobody is marketing the thing, and as such, nobody knows that it's a thing that exists until it's already out. I didn't know the movie had been released until someone I subscribe to on Youtube did a review on it. At first, I thought they got an advanced screening or something, but nope. Turns out the movie has been out since Friday.

Well, color me (not) shocked, but apparently Shazam underperformed at the box office. I won't speak to the quality of the film since I have not seen it - reactions have been mixed, with critics not caring for it, but the audiences enjoying it - but in regards to the film not being an instant money maker without any kind of marketing machine behind it, only one thing comes to mind...

What did you expect?

Listen, you assclowns. If you're going to spend money on this big blockbuster motion picture, then you need marketing. Yes, that costs some money, but at the very least, people will know about your movie and any failure at the box office can at least be attributed to lack of interest as opposed to lack of marketing. I get that there's a big reboot of this whole universe coming up and this is being thrown under the bus as a result despite the higher ups claiming that they'd like to retain the Shazam crew for future projects if this does well.

Look, I enjoyed the first Shazam film. I thought it was a fun little superhero movie released during a time when genuinely fun superhero movies from DC were an endangered species. This second film looks to be more of the same - for better or worse - but it's not high on my list of must-see movies. I'll wait until it hits DVD.

And no, the Rock refusing to cameo in the movie is NOT the reason for its underperformance. Last time I checked, Black Adam wasn't exactly a box office winner, either.

Yeah, so... bye.

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