Monday, March 6, 2023

No, I Still Have Not Watched Andor...

So a week or so ago, I re-activated my old account - being a place where people ask questions and you'd supply answers. I'd figure that would be a nice way of inviting more questions for the Q&A segments of the DTM-Cast that I need to start up again. Anyway, almost immediately, I've been bombarded with two types of questions. One type involves anything involving sex and relationships - those get tossed almost immediately. Another type involve random questions involving random things; these I will pick and choose to answer while others I will toss.

And then there's one other person who drops in every day and asks the same question over and over and over again. The question in question: "Have you watched Andor yet? It's a good show"

I have no idea why I'm being asked this question. The only assumption I could surmise is that someone really wants me to watch that Andor show that's a prequel to Rogue One - you know, the movie where everyone dies at the end; sorry if I spoiled the movie for everyone. I have not seen the show nor do I have any interest in the show. Asking me to get invested in a character that's going to die in the end for a whole miniseries seems like a big ask and Rogue One wasn't a movie where I was big into the characters.

And so for anyone wondering, no, I have not watched Andor. I have no intention of watching Andor any time soon. I'm not going to say that I'm never going to watch it because, you know, some days will leave you with plenty of time to spare, but at the moment, not interested. Maybe next time.

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