Saturday, March 11, 2023

How Long Before We Play The "Star Trek: Picard Ruined My Childhood" Card?

Another week, another exciting episode of Star Trek: Picard... I think this is the most I've talked about a Star Trek show since... ever.

I'm at the point where I'm wondering how long before I get to play the "Picard Ruined My Childhood" card... you know, the same kind of card that Star Wars fans used to pull whenever George Lucas did another cut of Star Wars to replace the ones he didn't like? This isn't  a case where I'm actively hating a show like I did Season 2... which I made the decision to stop watching because I hated it.

Episode 4 begins with Picard and Riker making up and then Picard brings his son JACK to the working holodeck that still works even though the ship is on the verge of dying. Seven has to find the Changeling, but turns out she knows fuck all about these things (makes sense since she was stuck in the Delta Quadrant during that whole Dominion War thing) and so she goes to my new favorite character, Captain Shaw. Turns out Shaw was a dipshit grease monkey from Chicago who was on one of those ships that got exploded in Wolf 359... I've heard this story somewhere; I don't recall where.

Anyway, long story short, the old people find out the anomaly is the birth of a new space species and after some planning and eventually killing of the sabotaging Changeling, the Titan is able to escape the nebula and muster enough power to tractor an asteroid and toss it at the bird ship on the way out, thus indisposing our bounty hunting bird people for now... and then Jack gets another vision involving tentacles... well, I'd figure that sooner or later, Star Trek would dive into the tentacle porn genre, so might as well tease it before we eventually get there.

This was fine. The show is fine. I am actually enjoying the ride, so far... are you sure this is a modern Star Trek show or just so high-end fanfilm that they accidently decided to air?

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