Sunday, March 26, 2023

DTM-Cast: Episode #231

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The long overdue return of the DTM-Cast Q&A Mailbag opens the program, covering stuff such as abandoned Trek takes, fangame criticisms, and everyone's favorite punching bag at the moment, the online store known as DKOldies. And then we talk a bunch of other stuff too.

00:00 - Intro and Q&A (the whole shebang)

43:00 - The Microsoft/Activision Acquisition Versus Sony

54:28 - Super Mario Bros. Film Trailer Thoughts

58:39 - A Disturbance In The Force

1:07:06 - Shazam: Fury Of The God Box Office Thoughts

1:29:00 - Thoughts On The Little Mermaid Trailer

01:32:05 - Once And Always and Sonic Origins Plus

01:35:05 - The Wrestling Block and Closing Thoughts

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