Saturday, March 4, 2023

Discovery Comes To An End In 2024


Coming early 2024 is the fifth - and final - season of Star Trek: Discovery, the series that pretty much kickstarted this current era of Star Trek series and has been through a number of incarnations of its own. From Klingon Wars to Red Angels to 32nd century burns to DMA things or thongs or whatever, Discovery has undergone various changes along the way, but it's coming to an end.

I dropped off the Discovery ride midway through the third season and never really jumped back. Even before then, it was a series that I've always had mixed feelings about. So while I'm not going to be sad by its run coming to an end, it does surprise me. And maybe there is a bit of concern if it's the only one that's going to get the ax.

It's not secret that the various streaming services have been struggling. Paramount has made some streaming cuts to try and save some money. One wonders if an option being pursued is cutting down on the Trek shows since those tend to be on the pricey side of things. Maybe I'm overthinking things, but it does give some food for thought.

In any event, Star Trek: Discovery airs its final season in 2024. All the best to the cast and crew who had made that show possible.

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