Thursday, March 9, 2023

AEW Dynamite (March 8th, 2023): Just A Show

For those wondering, I have yet to see the Revolution PPV, but I've heard generally good things. In any event, we have new Trios and TNT champions while Hangman and MJF emerged victorious over their veteran opponents via tap-out submissions. Now color me intrigued in that they're starting to use the old guys to put over the young guys and possibly start making some stars for this company to hang their hats on (for once).

Anyway, I watched last night's Dynamite. It wasn't anything special, save for the fact that we have a new TNT champion, with Powerhouse Hobbs defeating Wardlow (himself having won the title from Samoa Joe at the PPV and then was eventually - legit - robbed of his belongings - wish him the best and hope he gets his stuff back) in a pretty straightforward hoss fight that had interference from QT Marshall, who apparently no longer has a factory... I don't know why, but there you go.

Another piece of noteworthy news is the rebranding of the AEW All-Atlantic International World Big Gold Western States Heritage Championship to merely the AEW International championship and that next week, to celebrate the release of the new Shazam film, Orange Cassidy will defend the title against JEFF JARRETT. And in Winnipeg, no less. You know what would be really funny is if somehow, someway Jeff Jarrett overcomes the odds and defeated Orange to win the International title, thereby pissing off the All-Elite hardcores... actually, now that I think about it, that is precisely the kind of scenario I wish to see next week.

Beyond that, this was a show. There were a couple multi-persons and tag-matches here and there and if you liked that stuff, this is the show for you. Nothing I'd go out of my way to watch, but an easy two hours of wrestling for better or worse.

P.S. - Apparently, yesterday is International Womens' Day and to celebrate the occasion, AEW gave the world a quick Ruby Soho promo followed by an extended squash over Skye Blue followed by a run-in from that Willow person that ends in failure and everyone gets spray-painted. Well, it's something, I guess? Maybe? Maybe not... eh.

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