Thursday, March 2, 2023

AEW Dynamite (March 1st, 2023): So Cold That Montreal Winter Feels Like Ghost Peppers

Yeah, we're going there.

So three things of note to place on this show. Jon Moxley cut a great promo hyping his Texas Death Match with Hangman Page, Hangman Page returned the favor with a great promo of his own despite the less than stellar mic quality, Christian Cage cut a superb promo challenging Jungle Jack Boy Perry to what he calls a "fight" - which is followed by Jungle Boy digging Cage's grave; them fightin' grave diggin' - and the show closed with Bryan Danielson, with only four minutes to spare, cutting a great promo trying to sell people on the idea of a 60-minute Ironman match with MJF, even going so far as to not let Max get a word in and even threatening to kick his fucking head in, which causes the crowd to chant that very thing.

Beyond that, the rest of the show was a chore to sit through. The Battle Of The Cassidies - Orange vs. Bill -  was a good opening match, but then you had the Ladder Match that saw a ladder break and half a dozen refs holding the thing up so that Powerhouse Hobbs can grab the inflatable brass ring to earn a TNT title shot next week. And then there was the tag-team battle royale, which was more like a tag-team Royal Rumble than the traditional Casino format that they usually employ. And that match was won by the team of Orange Cassidy and Danhausen.

Well, the good news is that Orange Cassidy is getting a PPV payday. The bad news is so is Danhausen.

Oh yes, there is a PPV from AEW this weekend. Despite the fact that I've had two posts mention said PPV - both were written some time ago - I had almost forgotten about it because this company has been cold for a while and this PPV has maybe one match (Hangman/Mox) that I'd actually want to see while the rest of the card seems like it was tossed together at the last minute. Even the 60-minute Ironman match for the World title comes across as something that has you asking, "Who would actually want this?"

I'm not one of those doomsayers that declare AEW dead every time they have a bad show, but I will say that the TV has gotten so cold that every time I take a whiff of that cold Montreal winter breeze, it feels like I'm taking three of those fucking One Chip Challenges. Sitting through this show was like sitting through a bad episode of RAW and that is NOT a feeling you should be aiming to replicate under ANY circumstances.

Yeah, not a great show on its own and not a successful push for the PPV despite a couple great promos. Looks like this is another PPV I'll be skipping out on for the time being. Maybe ol' TK should his company a favor and let someone else have the book for a while so he could focus on his Rot Of Honor promotion that he's desperately trying to make people care about.

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