Monday, March 20, 2023

A Disturbance In The Force, You Say?

I see this teaser for a documentary film that supposedly tells us how the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special happened... and other than clips from the cast at various conventions and interviews eluding to its status as a forbidden subject, the only talking heads featured on the show seem to be celebrities and hack frauds who seemingly have nothing to do with the Holiday Special.

Having seen the Holiday Special - yes, the whole damned special - I am somewhat curious about how such a thing came to be and I'll admit to finding the idea of a documentary covering the origins of this strange piece of Sith blasphemy in Star Wars lore appealing. This teaser trailer - featuring some dude speaking with a Darth Vader voice filter that gives me greater appreciation for the people who voiced Vader in those old PC games from the 90s - does little to sell me on the idea that this is a story worth talking about.

Having a bunch of people talk about how bad the Holiday Special is - no matter who you get for talking heads - that's old news. It's been done to death. You can get that sort of thing online for free. But a documentary talking about how this came to be is an idea worth pursuing. Maybe this film actually does do that. I wouldn't know by watching this, however. At this point, I'd much rather watch the actual Holiday Special again than watch this film.

Regardless, I wish the filmmakers the best of luck. And I hope they do a better job selling this thing than what they have here.

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