Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Student Prank To Cancel Class For Nintendo Direct Is A Terroristic Threat In America


So, a professor got an e-mail that something is going to happen today and that for the good of humanity, they should cancel class. Concerned, the professor called the police and after a thorough investigation, discovered that the e-mail came from a student who intended as a joke to get classes cancelled so that he can watch the upcoming Nintendo Direct airing or whatever the fuck. The end result is that the cops will have increased security and canine patrols protecting the students from further dumbfuckery such as this.

I'm not going to rail on the professor for taking the precautionary measure of calling security to investigate this thing. I am going to rail on the dumb shit who decided to pull this prank off in a world where social media has degraded the overall intelligence of the human population to what can be charitably described as the lowest common denominator. Listen, don't you fuckers realize that video games is the root of all violence and terrorist action in America? It's on the mainstream news, so it must be true.


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