Monday, February 13, 2023

Smackdown (Feb. 10th, 2023): Paving The Road Forward

Last time on Smackdown, Sami tried to attack Roman and got his ass kicked. But Roman decides to give Sami a title shot for the next PPV, which coincidentally takes place in Montreal, Sami's home turf. Meanwhile, no one knows where Jey is and that's worrying because weezu haz title match.

Well, Jey managed to make to the show and the Usos were able to successfully retain the Tag titles over the team of Braun Strowman and Ricochet. However, Jey is still feeling a bit not-Ucey with the whole Bloodline thing. So elder statesmen Paul Heyman tells Jimmy the Usos should watch the PPV at home and get a "television perspective" on the action. Kinda of a clever way to explain the Usos' non-presence at the show, since Jimmy's DOA charges prevents him from crossing the board. As for Jey? Well, he gets a fist bump from Sami. Yes, I'm sure they're very Ucey with each other.

Meanwhile, Nattie taunts Shayna Bayzler for being a Ronda Rousey rip-off, which isn't fair because I'd much rather watch Shayna Bayzler be a monster ass-kicker than Cold Ronda any day of the week. Regardless, out comes Ronda, who helps Shayna beat up Nattie. And then Shotzi runs out for the failed saved and gets her ass kicked too. Well, that's a thing that's going to happen.

Baron Corbin loses another match and JBL, who was his manager for some reason, ditches him. Corbin tries to say that he'll do better, but JBL mentions something about not being able to polish a turd. I know the idea is for us to feel sorry for Corbin, but I don't. This is JBL cutting his losses and not wanting to have his name tied to a loser like Corbin and I can't blame the guy.

Some guy named Madcap Moss gets an title shot against GUNTHER by winning the four-way main event match. I suggest Mr. Moss get his affairs in order.

Oh, and LA Knight is still around, apparently not having been completely killed off in the recent Bray Wyatt brain fart. Good for him, I suppose.

You know what? I'm not going to complain about this show. There was a bunch of good stuff on the show, a lot of stuff being set up for the future... hey, you know what? I'm actually looking forward to this coming weekend. Hopefully, the weather doesn't suck.

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