Sunday, February 26, 2023

DTM-Cast: Episode #230

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If you just want to hear about my live WWE experience last weekend, just skip to the forty-five minute mark and that'll cover the rest of this 90+ minute show. Otherwise, I'll touch a bit on Armake21, the recent Nintendo Direct, some quick thoughts on the upcoming DC Universe line up from James Gunn... and yes, we also talk about Picard. Debating on whether that's going to be a regular thing from here on out, but there you go.

Still no Q&A segment. Maybe next month.

00:00 - Introduction And Quick Armake21 Thoughts

06:00 - Star Trek: Picard 3x01 and 3x02 Thoughts

16:12 - Nintendo Direct Stuff

24:30 - DC Universe Ramblings

35:01 - Thoughts On The Jeff Hardy DUI Case Closing

44:45 - My Live WWE Weekend Experience


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