Saturday, February 18, 2023

AEW Dynamite (Feb. 15th, 2023): Anything Interesting Happen?

(Note: Hey, kids. I know people would rather I'd talk about last night's Smackdown show that I attended live, but I'm saving that for when I've got time to digest this stuff... and also, by the time this publishes, I'm still not home yet and I ain't typing shit on my rinky-dink phone. In the meantime, here's an AEW Dynamite musings that I wrote a couple days ago and never posted because Picard inspired me to put something else up in its place. Later.)

Well, it's been a while since I've last touched a Dynamite show, hasn't it? Anything interesting happen while I was away.

To tell the truth, I haven't been following much of AEW as of late. I do know about a couple ongoing stories, such as Bryan Danielson's recently successful bid to earn an AEW Championship match contested under 60-minute Ironman rules, which should be interesting to witness in 2023... and also the ongoing Jon Moxley/Hangman Page feud, which may be coming to its conclusion at the upcoming PPV in the form of a Texas Death Match, so that gives ol' Mox another excuse to bleed.

Not that he needed one if the Texas Tornado match was any indication. He and Claudio defeated Preston Vance and RUSH in a pretty wild brawl that took a while to pick up the pace, but once Mox and Vance started sharing their own brand of hepatitis, the crowd started eating this stuff up.

Same for the opening six-man, which saw Orange Cassidy, Billy Gunn, and The Acclaimed defeating Jeff Jarrett (condolences for the loss of his father, legendary promoter and TNA co-founder Jerry Jarrett), Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and the tall guy in what was essentially a goofy comedy match. It took me a while to realize that the Acclaimed are no longer the tag champs and that they lost the titles last week to the Gunns... oh yeah, that's great. Instead of giving a great team like FTR or someone like that a run with the titles, we give them to the ASS BOYS.

Speaking of them boyz, Mark Briscoe defeated Josh Wood in a pretty good match before the announcement is made that Mark Briscoe is officially #AllElite. Good for him; the guy (along with his brother, may he rest in peace) were a fixture in Ring Of Honor and the fact that Mark is getting a chance to shine on a bigger stage is a fitting tribute to one of the more regarded teams in wrestling. I may have missed out on these guys during their prime years, but I'm looking forward to Mark's run in AEW. All the best to him.

Jungle Jack beat Brian Cage in a match, which prompts the return of another guy named Cage... Christian Cage, to be exact. He removes his arm cast and hits Jungle Boy with the Killswitch... so that feud is firing up again. Cool.

And then there was a women's main event... I remember nothing about the match other than Saraya beating up some fan at ringside, though I'd imagine that whole thing was not on the level, if you get my drift.

Anyway, those were my Dynamite takeaways. It was a show with a couple fun bits, but that's about it.

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